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The String Quartet

The ensemble
The String Quartet is the most common chamber ensemble (that is, designated for small spaces), and the greatest of composers dedicated the best of their work to this compound of instruments. The ensemble includes two violins, a viola and a cello. The basis of this ensemble is the equality of instruments and parts: there is no such thing as an accompanying instrument and a solo instrument in this group, but a kind of a conversation between instruments, alternately switching from solo to accompaniment as in an ordinary conversation.

The form
In addition, a "string quartet" is also an important form of composition, common among classical composers - designated for the same ensemble. Although Haydn is considered the father of the string quartet, the first string quartet was written by Allegri. Corelli, Bach and Handel also wrote quartets, yet Haydn was the one who liberated the string quartet from the compulsion to write a harpsichord accompaniment in the figured bass style, and introduced equality between members of the ensemble. Haydn also set the form of classic sonata form as the customary form for the chamber quartet. Thus, in fact, the quartet became the most important chamber form.
playHaydn's six quartets Opus 76 and the two quartets Opus 77 are viewed as some of the best pieces in the genre's history. Mozart, who played with Haydn in a quartet, also excelled in this genre, and his quartet "The Hunt" (K. 458) is beautiful, fascinating and greatly influenced by Haydn's music. The same may be said about his "Dissonance" quartet, K. 465. Beethoven's last six quartets are considered some of his best works, among these the No. 15, Opus 132. Schubert also excelled in this field, in the last quartets he wrote in his life, among which the all-serious "Death and the maiden". Brahms composed only three quartets, yet extremely exquisite, especially Quartet No. 1, opus 25. Dvorak, during his stay in the America, wrote his so-called "American" quartet, Opus 96. The No. 2 QuartetMIDI demonstration by Borodin is also widely known and loved by the audience.


The Israeli String Quartet

"Death & the Maiden" String Quartet









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