Tuning of the Bb clarinet: B Flat (Bb)
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The Clarinet
The modern clarinetClarinet player Sharon Kam plays with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra was built in the 17th century by Christoph Dener, however, the instruments is based on more ancient instrument, some of which can be found in ancient Egypt. Mozart was one of the first composers to include it in his work (the clarinet concerto he wrote two months before his death, is considered one of the heights of his work), yet its importance grew even more in the 19th century, when Thoebald Bohm, installed the system of leverages and stops that allow convenient paying.
Apart from the common soprano clarinet, there are also other members of this family - the alto, the tenor and bass clarinets. In an orchestra, players sometimes use clarinets of different tunings, for playing hard keys comfortably.
Brahms's clarinet Quintet and the A minor Trio for clarinet, cello and piano, Op. 114, are two of the pearls of its chamber repertory; Debussy wrote his Rhapsody for clarinet and orchestra; Weber composed several concerti for clarinet and orchestra, the best-known among those is the A minor concerto, Op. 26.
In the traditional Jewish music, the clarinet holds a central role in 19th century klezmer bands in Eastern Europe. Its gentle sounds and glissando options enable a range of emotional expression from laughter to crying and mourning. Klezmer music, the so-called Jewish "soul music", embraced this instrument, and players like Giora Fiedman and Israel Zohar transmit the same warmth and enthusiasm of Jewish music with their clarinet.
The clarinet was also adopted in jazz music, though not with the same exhilaration as the saxophone. Benny Goodman is the most famous clarinet jazz player, and composer Aaron Copland even wrote, by his request, a concerto for clarinet and a string orchestra, in which he combined elements of jazz and Southern-American music.

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