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"And Chenaniah, chief of the Levites, was for song: he instructed about the song, because he was skilful." (1 Chronicles, chapter 15:22)

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The Conductor
Conductor and composer Anton Rubinstein (1887) by Ilya Repin, The Russian Museum, St. PeterburgThe conductor is the orchestra's "boss". He or she is the one required to prepare the orchestra to perform a musical pieceLeonard Bernstein guides the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and he does so by guiding the players how to perform it, both at the rehearsals that take place before the concert and during the actual performance. The conductor needs to possess vast knowledge in fields of performance practice, orchestration, the orchestral sound typical of different eras, music theory, the background to the writing of the piece, the manner in which the composer wishes to deliver his art to the audience and more. The conductor shows the rhythm, by which to play, with one hand, and uses the other one to indicate volume, entries and exits and other performance instructions.Zubin Mehta conducts the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
The conductor is required for leadership and the ability to control the orchestra, which consists of many creative people, all brilliant in their own area. He is the one whose hand signals dictate the orchestra’s performance, for had each and every player decided independently how to perform his or her part, the result would have been undefined and lacking in uniformity.
The great conductors perform many of the musical pieces by remembering the entire score (the paper showing the notes of all instruments of the orchestra) by heart. ToscaniniToscanini with The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (1936) - courtesy of the The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra & Photo R. Weissenstein, Tel-Aviv, perhaps the most magnificent conductor in the history of music, possessed an astonishing memory, and conducted dozens of pieces every month, most of which, without having the score facing him.
Among the greatest conductors in history are Leonard BernsteinLeonard Bernstein photo - courtesy of the The Israel Philharmonic OrchestraLeonard Bernstein conducts the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Mahler, Haydn  and Lully, who died as a result of the conducting pole hitting his foot.

Beethoven Symphony No. 5, 3rd mvt
Arturo Toscanini/NBC Symphony Orchestra

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Toscanini on a USA stamp

Arturo Toscanini (1867-1957)

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Berlioz with his poor orchestra players - a caricature from 1846, Bibliotheque de l'Opera, Paris
Verdi conducts the orchestra
Toscanini with The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (1936) - courtesy of the The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra & Photo R. Weissenstein, Tel-Aviv
Leonard Bernstein - courtesy of the The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Chart for Conductors (1906) by Schliessmann, from 'Lustige Blatter'
From an old conducting book

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