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The idea to paint a world more real than reality itself, unrelated to reality, is called surrealism. Most artistic styles of painting in the past involved reflecting reality. Salvador Dali developed a style in which we see worlds that are unreal, in such a detailed manner, they become real to us. As in a dream, he tried to invent things outside known existence (liquid clocks, spilling keyboards) matched with magical landscapes and emphasized how fascinating the human imagination is. In Magritte's paintings there are different motifs: Clouds, skies, the decapitated woman's statue, or a man with a hat, they keep reappearing in his works as dreams with recurring motifs.
Such surrealism was achieved by John Cage with his extreme "4' 33" composition. The score of the work indicates to not play anything for exactly 4 minutes and 33 seconds. The "music" is provided by any ambient sounds occuring during the silent "performance", by any number of performers and instruments.
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