Pop Art
Girl At Piano (1963) by Roy Lichtenstein (Serigraph)Four Marilyns (1979-86) by Andy Warhol, Ileana & Michael Sonnabend Collection
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Pop Art
This trend stood for making popular materials a part of art, and saw the beauty of daily objects. The comic-books culture was used by Lichtenstein as raw material for his paintings, and Andy Warhol made the printed image of movie-star Marilyn Monroe an object of art, in one of his works. Cans of soft-drink and packing of consumer products are made works of art in the hands of pop artists, and the musical parallel one can find, is the tendency to turn pop pieces into classics, by means of sophisticated arrangements and co-operation between pop artists and performers of classical music. Thus, "The Beatles" became pop classics who know no borders, and dignified classical orchestras perform pieces written by bands such as "Deep Purple" and artists such as Rick Wakeman, the keyboard player of the Art-Rock band "Yes". Combinations of jazz with serious art music occur, such as in the works of Gershwin, and musicals such as "Westside Story" by Leonard Bernstein are examples of integrating pop culture into music.

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