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Teatro alla Scala in MilanToday Milano, located in Lombardia, in the North of Italy, is Italy’s cultural, industrial and financial center. But in the past it was known as one of the most important centers of opera in the world. The horseshoe-shaped "Teatro alla Scala" was built in 1776 after the Regio Teatro Ducale was destroyed by a blazing fire. This neo-classic, severe building was completed in less than two years. It stands on the site of the demolished church of Santa Maria alla Scala, built in 1381 by Regina della Scala. The 'la Scala' is one of the most perfect theatres in the world, with 2,289 seats. A few of the most important operas' premieres took place here: Verdi's Nabucco (in 9th March 1842), Otello (5th February 1887) and Falstaff (9 February 1893).

Opera's greatest composer, Giuseppe Verdi was born not far away in a little village of RoncoleThe birth house of  Verdi and the San Michele church where he practiced as a young boy on the organ - Roncole . When he was young he made a request to the Milan Conservatorio. However the request was rejected. So Verdi came to study privately in Milan with a small grant given to him from a patron. In 1836, he got a job as music teacher in BussetoPiazza Verdi and the Teatro Verdi in Busseto and left Milan, to get back a few years later. He died in Milan in 1901 and burried in "Casa di Reposo per Musicisti" (Rest Home for Musicians).

Verdi's statue in Piazza Verdi, Busseto - photo by Nadav Dafni

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