Ancient Roman Art

Orpheus plays for the animals (c. 3rd century) MosaicRoman street musicians with small cymbals and large tympanon (frame drum) (1st century B.C.) Dioscorides of Samos, Mosaic from Villa of Cicero at Pompeii (National Museum, Athens)

Roman Art
Roman art was very straight to the point, and had clear goals. It lacked the delicacy and harmony of ancient Greek art. Very little attention was paid to irrelevant details. In the Byzantine period, the church fresco gains great importance, for it was meant to remind and emphasise the scared biblical stories to believers, most of whom were illiterate. In architecture, churches were built like fortresses: big columns bearing heavy arches, and stuffing material as a ceiling between them. Windows and ornaments in churches were few. Religious music of the time was meant for singing liturgical hymns and was mainly vocal.

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