Jazz: Icarus (1943) Henri Matisse, The Estate of MatisseLa Musique (1939) Henri Matisse, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY
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A movement in which colour becomes central, and meant to enlighten and create atmosphere, rather than as a sheer description of reality. The meaning of this movement's name is derived in the word "Les Fauves", which means "wild beasts", for their total disregard of conventional natural forms. Henri Matisse was the most important artist of this school of painting. He painted with vivid colours and was influenced by the landscapes of southern France, where he worked, and by the combination of colour of North African carpets and landscapes. The significance of this style lies in the shake up of art's very perception as an imitation of nature. Viewing painting as subservient to the artist's message rather than a documentation of nature in a photograph-like way, began as early as in impressionism, but then, it was done carefully, maintaining the rules of immortalizing nature. The fauvists went against the rules and presented nature in a form they found fit. By doing so, they laid the path for cubism and abstract painting, trends that took this tendency further.
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