Ancient Egyptian Art

3 women musicians plays ancient lute, flute and harp, a tomb painting, Egypt (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)Egyptians play the harp, lute, double oboe and lyre (c. 1420-1411 B.C.) tomb painting in Veset
Art in Ancient Egypt
The purpose of painting for the ancient Egyptians was perfection, not beauty. Presenting reality in the most complete way was far more important than the way the artist viewed it. There is no reference to the painter's specific point of view, and therefore figures are drawn both sidewise and up-front, with no limitations of matching the painting to what is actually seen. The goal is to show an object from the angle in which it is seen in its most characteristic form and most clearly. Rules of ancient Egyptian painting are very strict, and portraits, for example, are supposed to immortalise what is important, rather than the current opinion of things. The artist's originality is not crucial and even undesirable. The art and architecture of the great pyramids serve the master, and accompany him to eternal life, after his demise. The music of the ancient world served different purposes as well, but was rarely played as music per se'.
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