Classic Art

Mezzetin (c.1718-20) Jean-Antoine Watteau, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New YorkMusic (c. 1760) Gaspare TraversiLeopold Mozart with his 2 kids - Wolfgang and Anna (1764) Louis de Carmontelle, British Museum

The Classical Period
During this period, a return to the ancient Greek style is marked, a phenomenon most prominent in architecture. Topics of painting become free and competition between painters, as well as their will to diversify their art, make all themes legitimate. In music, Haydn and Mozart create their music with gentleness, harmony and a kind of simplicity so typical to the classical era. Paintings that describe historical heroism and landscape pictures are fashionable (with greater involvement taken by the painter, in terms of how he or she describes the view). Landscape descriptions take two courses: the poetic, lyric painting, addressing the heart, and, in contrast - the exploration of the visible world.
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