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The Synthesizer
The synthesizer is an electronic instrument that allows the creation and merging of sounds via electrical circuits. The first synthesizers of the 1960's and 1970's were analog synthesizers, meaning that they used oscillators in order to generate sounds, and the user would manipulate different buttons in order to determine the various audio components. Different filters created different sound timbre and sound appearance. The synthesizer enabled the musician to create sounds according to acoustic parameters as wave form, overtones etc., and in this way, one could create sounds that imitate real instruments and also sounds unparalleled in reality.
Moog - the first musical synthesizerToday, synthesizers use advanced digital technologies, combining auditory signals originally sampled from the real sounds of instruments and voices. This way, the synthesis technology is combined with the sampling technology used to manufacture samplers, which enable the recording of sounds - from a breaking glass to a cello, and playing them back in various pitches, as if they were the original instrument. Different styles of music formed with the synthesizer and the sampler at their heart. Creators of art electronic music, from the school of Boulez and Stockhausen, gladly integrated the synthesizer in their music, and the world of pop music incorporated them in giant productions. Artists such as Jean Michael Jarre and Rick Wakeman recorded popular works in the 1970's that used synthesizers and emphasized the beauty of their sounds. Pop music of the 1980's and 1990's, and especially the "New Wave", Techno and Dance styles, are based more and more on electronic technology.
MIDI communication, developed in 1983, created a state of maximal connectivity between digital instruments, making it possible for every musician to establish his own recording studio at home.

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The Synthesizer

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